EPIC Project

the epic team

EPIC is an incorporated association and is managed by a Committee of Management.  The EPIC team is comprised of a group of passionate professionals who have backgrounds in the areas of permaculture, education, community development, business/project management, facilitation, groupwork, landscaping, horticulture & nursery management, tourism & hospitality and alternative technologies. The EPIC team are also Permaculture growers, who believe strongly in the honouring of land.

The EPIC team see that it is their role to ensure that the project is sustainable and regenerative, and that the land is protected and supported by the community, and that it creates a place for the community to gather, learn and share into the future.  

John Ferris

John is a bald headed plant geek with a passion for everything edible.  Edible Forest Gardens, his nursery in Wonga Park, is filled with every edible or useful permaculture plant he can get his hands on.  

He delights in unusual and wild edibles which contain far more nutrients than their domesticated relatives.  Edible flowers - daylilies, abutilons and Turkish Cap can be added to salads or just as a snack when you walk past them.  Salads with twenty ingredients (none of them lettuce) can be gathered in a five minute stroll around the garden.  

John designs beautiful and useful gardens based on permaculture principles and the design concepts of Edible Forest Gardening, creating an edible garden that functions like a forest with many plant layers and an emphasis on perennial plants - less work, greater yields, greater diversity and beauty.

Holly Desmond

Permaculture Designer, Vegetable Gardener, Composter, Business Development & Technology and owner of Just Grow It.  Rick has a background in Business Development, Computers & Technology, Permaculture Design and Vegetable Gardening.

He has a passion for improving soil through composting (hot & cold) of recycled organic matter such as green waste, animal manures, used coffee grounds and coffee husks in order to grow nutritious vegetables and is keen to share this knowledge by educating others.  His hobbies include gardening, photography, travel and archery.

Cheryle has a great passion for working with people using the skills of facilitation and groupwork.  Cheryle has over thirty years of experience working in the not for profit sector, and brings a wealth of knowledge working with grass roots organisations.  Cheryle is an experienced facilitator and trainer and has formal qualifications in facilitation, training and management. 

“When a Community is able to work well together – great things can happen”.  

Rick Colasacco

Cheryle Foster

Holly Desmond has a background in Community Development, Education, Facilitation and Project Development.

Her passion is with community projects and food. She propagates seeds and grows her food, and the concept of 'seed to plate' inspires her to want to share with others.

She is excited about EPIC and what can be achieved with great community spirit.

She also loves to write and travel.