EPIC Project

14 April 2016

New EPIC Permaculture Garden at George Tindale Memorial Gardens. 

Education Permaculture Inspiration Community Inc (EPIC) and Parks Victoria are inviting the community to be part of a new three acre permaculture garden at George Tindale Memorial Gardens in Sherbrooke, which will launch on World Permaculture Day, 1 May 2016 from 10.30am – 1.30pm. The new permaculture garden is the result of a partnership between EPIC and Parks Victoria.  

The permaculture garden will incorporate a food forest, vegetable gardens and a children’s garden with a strong emphasis on the natural environment and using alternative technologies to help people get the most out of their gardens.

The Hon. James Merlino MP, Deputy Premier and Minister for Education will attend to launch the garden and plant the first tree in the Food Forest.  There will also be opportunities for the community to sponsor and plant fruit trees to create the new food forest. 

“There’s growing interest in using sustainable and regenerative practices for growing and providing food so it’s very exciting to have a new permaculture garden coming to the Dandenong Ranges. It will be a great place for the community to learn about how to grow a sustainable garden in your own back yard,” said EPIC’s President, Holly Desmond.

“We really believe the new permaculture garden is a great opportunity to engage, educate and inspire the community to become interested in the food we eat, where food comes from, and how food is grown using the practices and principles of permaculture,” she said.

“The new permaculture garden is a great opportunity for the community to engage with the George Tindale Memorial Gardens and to learn about sustainable gardening and growing your own fresh and healthy food at home,” she said.

Parks Victoria Area Chief Ranger, Rebecca Carland said “It’s a well-known fact that getting connected with nature is good for you and  Parks Victoria is really excited to be partnering with EPIC at the George Tindale Memorial Gardens,”

“We believe the partnership with EPIC and the creation of a new permaculture garden is a great addition to the park and will help connect more people with the park. We know that Healthy Parks generate Healthy People and the permaculture garden partnership is another great opportunity for people to make that connection.” said Ms Carland.

For more information about how you can get involved with EPIC and the new permaculture garden project at the George Tindale Memorial Gardens visit www.epicproject.org.au